Interior Design by Studio TXT

Interior design studio TXT is specialising in interior planning, visualising and designing interiors for residential and commercial spaces.
Our success is down to an artistic, competent and professional approach towards projects as well as optimising each stage and detail within the interior.

Interior Design in Stages

Planning Arrangement

The planning includes reconstruction of walls, defining walking zones, arrangement and size of the furniture in its allocated rooms and zones according to the project and the client’s request. At the end of this stage, a few options are being presented where you will be able to choose the most convenient one for you.

3D Visualisations

The professional 3D visuaisations which we will create for you will be able to give you an excellent perception about the design concept, colours, shapes, materials and the relation between them within the interior. In this way you will be able to see if the design meets your vision of taste and functionality. The creation of 3D visuals is not necessary, but we advise you to use this service as it gives you the opportunity to see how, the desired by you interior, would look like and as a result will enable us to apply corrections at this early stage.

Service and Construction Plans

Our work includes service plans, electrical fittings (lighting points, power outlets and switches), TV and internet cabling, ventilation and air conditioning planning (mainly for commercial spaces). In addition we prepare drywall and other construction plans connected with the repair and construction work.

Architectural drawings of bespoke elements within the interior

We are able to prepare all types of drawings and graphic files necessary for the realisation of bespoke design solutions within the interior. Apart from custom made furniture, these elements could made out of cast iron or this could be a matt pattern on glass, print on different surfaces, non-standard elements from metal, stone or glass, bespoke carpets and more. We liaise with suppliers which manufacture according to our design and we manage the realisation of the products and their quality.

Selection of all materials and colours within the interior

When selecting a material or colour, you have the opportunity to receive our professional advice and approval. We will help you select the flooring, lighting, wall colours, surface decorations, textiles and accessories. We will give you a competent advice about why you would prefer a certain material to another and how to stay on budget while having good quality products and materials for your interior.

Our years of experience in the interior design area allow us to analyse and create the best possible space planning, creating unmatchable, elegant and modern concepts which at the same time retain their function and follow the specific client requirements. We have experience and we are able to offer to the client the whole interior design service which includes: initial concepts, visualisations, all types of necessary drawings and specifications, managing all design elements within the project (ready-made or bespoke), repairs and construction work, as well as selecting surface decorations, textiles and accessories.
Our office is based in Sofia but we work on projects throughout the whole country.


  • Interior Design
  • 3D Visualisations / Graphic Design
  • Construction Work
  • Consulation Work

The interior design includes space planning, furniture arrangement and plans of all types of installations, style choice, as well as choice of shapes, colours and materials. We deliver professionalism and creativity in all our projects in order to achieve character, aesthetics and functionality. The design of each interior conformed to the specific requirements and preferences of the customer.

We create photorealistic visualisations which allow you to see all elements, colour schemes and materials within the interior. As a result, you will be able to analyse the design and see if it corresponds with your visions, taste and ideas for functionality.

In order to achieve a good workflow, organisation and save time and nerves, we are able to provide you with specialists from all areas concerned with the construction work. Our aim for the project is to realise the ideas quickly, efficiently with quality and be specific about the chosen design and plans. In this way we can guarantee that the end result will be as close as possible to the design concept.

We can help you with consultations to achieve the best outcome when choosing the most appropriate location and type of furniture or if you need professional help with the choice of flooring, colours, materials or products within the interior. In addition, we will provide architectural plans for installations (only for the spaces or types of installations, which you would require), bespoke furniture drawings or graphic files for custom made surface decorations.

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