TXT Interior Design Studio specializes in interior design, visualization and realization of apartments, houses and public spaces. Our success is due to the professional, competent and creative approach to the project and the precision in the execution of every stage and detail of the interior.

Whether it is furnishing a home, office or public space, we combine the elegance of design with the practicality of functional solutions to create the perfect harmony. We listen carefully to your ideas and preferences, and turn them into functional and aesthetically refined spaces that fully reflect you.

At „Interiordesign TXT“ we believe that good interior design has the power to change not only the appearance of a space, but also the way you feel in it. We create spaces that inspire, soothe and emphasize your uniqueness. Come to Studio TXT“ and let’s create the magic of the perfect interior design together. Contact us.

Why is it necessary to work with an interior designer?

You may have wondered if you need to hire an interior designer or if you could get by without overspending on a project. The truth is that in fact the Interior Design service will save you money as you will avoid a number of mistakes that cost time and money. The designer will advise you on everything necessary for the realization of the interior: stages, innovations, materials. It will make the best distribution of the interior space for you, taking into account even things that you would not have thought of.

And something very important!

You will have technical drawings of the installations on which all the points are drawn for the craftsmen to follow for the all installations or pull out the leads for switches, sockets and light fixtures. Thus, your repair and finishing works will go smoothly, because you will not leave things to chance or to the improvisation of the craftsmen.
The more precise the task is, the less likely it is to go wrong.

What sets us apart?

We have 20 years of experience in interior design. Our experience in interior design allow us to analyze and create the best possible space distribution option with the best functional solutions, following the specific requirements of the Client. We comply with his vision of furniture style and color selection, which we interpret through our experience to create the most harmonious color range, the most correct combination of interior elements, accents and materials.
The result is a more functional, more aesthetic and more cozy interior environment.

How much does interior design cost?

Our belief is that the price should be individual for each interior project and should be formed according to the features of the object, the type of design and the requirements of the Client. The complexity of the design and the features of the space are taken into account (ceiling chamfers and other architectural challenges). Also, the price is determined by whether 3D visualizations of absolutely all rooms/spaces or only some selected by you are needed. The style of the interior, whether it will be classic, retro, modern, industrial or other, also affects the price.
The pricing of interior design per m2 would make small homes low-cost to design, and large square footage too expensive. The truth is that we solve the same number and type of cases for small and large interiors. The fact that in large spaces, for example, there will be more space between the sofa and the dining table, compared to very little space, should not make the interior project more expensive.
We will prepare an individual offer for you after you share with us your ideas, preferences and functional features. It is also necessary to have an architectural plan (sketch or drawing) to help us navigate the architectural features.
If you don’t have a plan, we can do an on-site inspection and take measurements, completely free of charge.

How long does it take to create the conceptual and technical project?

The time for designing the interior design is not less than one month and should not be more than three months, i.e. about two months on average. It mainly depends on the size of the project: total square footage, number of rooms, interior style, etc. This is the time when we not only create the design of your interior and prepare the necessary technical drawings, but also communicate with you, asking questions about all cases and discussing even the smallest detail. Cases will arise for which we will offer several options, but whose decisions need to be taken by you, and this sometimes takes time.
In order to get the interior you want and accurate and correct plans and drawings, this period cannot be significantly shortened. Therefore, when you contact an interior designer, you should correctly account for the time required for the design, i.e. to seek this service at the earliest possible stage.
Repairs and finishing works can be started only after the conceptual and technical design has been completed. The conceptual project is to approve the vision of the Interior, and the technical one, which follows the conceptual project, is actually the basis of drawings on which the masters can carry out the realization.

Клиентите говорят

I have decided to start a mutual cooperation with Antonia Alexandrova for the creation of a complete designer’s plan of our new house after reviewing a lot of 3D designs and pictures of completed projects. Her work impressed me with its uniqueness of ideas, put into practice by means of the unorthodox modeling of multiple materials. The organization of the entire project implementation process went according to plan and on time.

I would recommend Antonia to everyone who is looking for a correct and qualified specialist.


Because of Antonia Alexandrova’s excellent skills and knowledge, I am now living in a very cozy home, which is also full of original and creative ideas. Due to her exceptional creativity, we are now enjoying an extremely original ceiling in the living area, realized with innovative technologies. Thanks to Antonia’s creativity, our home looks unique and beautiful and at the same time extremely functional. It is definitely noticeable that the design is due to a professional.


I chose to trust Antonia Alexandrova with both the design and the implementation responsibilities so that she can organize and supervise the whole project. I also had her with me to consult on all purchases. Having her in all steps of the project made everything so much еasier and we managed to complete the whole work in about three months and within budget.


I had full confidence and trust in Antonia Alexandrova for the design realization of my apartment in Sofia. She met my personal requirements for the style of the interior, while at the same time, adding her own innovative and modern views and touch.
The end result exceeded my expectations in both appearance and functionality. Thanks to Antonia, the whole organization of the implementation of the project went smoothly and I had the opportunity to devote the necessary time to my own business.