Brief presentation of the TXT interior design studio

We have designed various individual interiors for our customers for more than 12 years. The most important rule at the start of a project is to listen very carefully to our customer’s wishes, look at the future interior through their eyes and at the same time stick to the basic design rules of style, proportions, color combinations, ergonomics and functionality. We also do an evaluation of the existing architectural or interior features very carefully.

When we design commercial or public spaces (shops, restaurants, offices, hotels), we fully consider the specific features and design requirements for these types of interiors.

We have always managed to realize 100% of our unconventional ideas. We work with many companies that can manufacture every detail or element within the interior.

Thanks to our good technical knowledge, we can prepare every kind of drawing for installations, furniture, railings and other individual interior elements.

We can prepare every type of graphic design for print on a variety of surfaces, foils for glass or patterns for custom made interior textiles.

Combining all these skills our clients can be confident that, entrusting us with the interior design, they will receive the full design service with the necessary technical documentation and the correctly selected companies to produce the individual interior elements.